The best practice for good sex

Masturbation, Fleshlights, and abstinence. Three things that often come up when you start looking at ways to ‘train’ yourself for better sex. Sure they can give some short-term pleasure, but what are they really doing to gear you up for the big game?

A professional opinion from a porn star

Australian porn star Madison Missina believes the best practice for sex is to get as close to the real thing as possible or it can affect your performance. “I have performed in so many scenes where the guy couldn’t keep it up because he was so used to hard and fast sex, and we found it was because he was so used to masturbating in the same way, so he couldn’t stay hard during the slower parts”.
Madison Missina talks to Perth Underground about sex, pissing and squirting.
With ‘manual masturbation’ being too tight, and Fleshlights being too loose and unrealistic, let’s be honest, you won’t have a girl bouncing on you as fast as you thrust your Fleshlight would you? The answer may be in a high-end sex doll. Vodaire sex dolls are as close to the real thing with their realistic feeling breasts, ass and vaginas, offering the user a real-feel experience.

So why should I purchase a sex doll?

For many, sex can be a daunting and uncomfortable experience, which means practicing sex on a realistic sex doll can be the perfect way to practice new positions, increase stamina and push past any uncertainty around sex with a new partner. Remember, practice makes perfect so head to to find the perfect practice companion today. Powered by Story Chief

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