How a sex doll can be the best practice for your sex life

Love Doll Autumn Aibei

Ever felt awkward with a girl? Because you weren’t sure which position to choose? How deep to go, or even how fast you should have fucked her? You may have even gone too hard and fast and came in under a minute. All of these moments could have been avoided if you just practiced.

Ways you can practice good sex

For many, practicing with their hand seems to be the chosen method. Although according to sexual health professionals, this can often cause a loss of sensitivity at the end of the penis, meaning you could go soft within the first few minutes of intercourse.

Others try the Fleshlight method, which has its benefits, although we are yet to find a real girl with a vacuum locked pussy.

And for the high rollers, hiring an escort for some one-on-one time can be the best training you can find. But like going to the gym, hiring a PT every single session can become super expensive. So what do the budget-conscious people do? They buy an at-home gym.

This is why a sex doll, unlike working out at home, can become that initial investment that saves you money and helps get you match-fit for the big game.

Try new positions with a sex doll

Trying new positions is one of the best things you can do with your new sex doll. Quality Vodaire sex dolls have ball joint skeletons, which means you can do almost any position. From doggy style to riding reverse cowgirl, she can help you practice getting you off in any position.

The best part of practicing with a Vodaire sex doll is that the weight of a doll is hyper-realistic to a real girl. With most dolls weighing 30-40kg, holding her up will also keep you strong.

Trying new passageways

Asking your girlfriend or partner to try anal can be a tough ask. This is why using a Vodaire sex doll will be an easier way to transition into trying anal in real life. Feel the ease into your doll’s ass and you feel it stretch. Practice keeping it hard whilst you slowly bring up the speed until she takes a load in her mouth.

The best investment is a sex doll

Always remember, a once-off payment to own is always better than a rental. Owning your own sex doll can range from USD $990 to USD $3,500 which is only $19 to $67 per week! Unlimited sex from $19 per week does sound pretty good.

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