Vodaire to bring world-first sex doll to Melbourne SEXPO 2019

Kiki Vidis becomes first Australian sex doll

Perth-based company Vodaire will become the first in the nation to create a sex doll replica of an Australian adult film actress and only the second globally to embrace the concept. 

While other dolls come with a hefty $8000 USD (approximately $11,800 AUD) price tag, Vodaire’s customers can live their ultimate fantasy for around $2,990

“We are really excited because we are going to be the first Australian company to create a sex doll which is a life-like representation, an exact copy, of an Australian adult film actress,” said Vodaire Marketing Director Dylan Urquhart. 

The woman being recreated into a realistic doll is none other than award-winning international adult film actress Kiki Vidis. 

A household name, Kiki Vidis has conquered the global scene, starring in over 50 films. 

Kiki Vidis Sex Doll Vodaire
Adult Superstar Kiki Vidis will become the first Australian to have her own sex doll

Contracted to multi-million dollar adult film company Brazzers, Kiki is renown for posing in photo shoots alongside her sister Layla and mother Mia. 

“We are really excited we have managed to land such a big name for our first-ever replica doll,” Mr Urquhart said. 

“She currently lives in Miami in America, but she is going to be in Melbourne for SEXPO as one of the special guests.”

This means visitors to Melbourne SEXPO will not only have the chance to feast their eyes on the world-first Kiki Vidis doll but will also meet the real Kiki in the flesh. 

“We are going to be doing a lot of cool stuff on the day – some stuff we can’t release yet. But Kiki will be there taking photos with the doll and she will be able to meet her fans,” Mr Urquhart said. 

Mr Urquhart insists every possible consideration is made to ensure the doll is a real-to-life as possible, including colour matched erogenous zones. 

“The skin is made of what they call a high-quality TPE material. It is very, very supple and easy to clean. The breasts and the butt are firm but squishy and the insides feel just like a real person,” Mr Urquhart said. 

“Unlike the traditional blow-up dolls that people grew up with, it actually weighs about 45 kilos. 

“It has a fully bendable skeleton made of metal, so you can bend it into any position. You can stand it up if you need to and it is super durable.” 

The company considered working with artificial intelligence technology, before deciding the adult film actress route would offer their clients the most satisfaction. 

“For a lot of people, the reason why they buy these dolls is because they want to sleep with someone that they know and recognise, and they want that experience to be as realistic as possible,” he said. 

Kiki Vidis will be at Sexpo Melbourne (2019) to launch the new doll

“Who better than our favourite adult film actresses? They are the ones that we look at when we are in the act and they are the ones that we obviously fantasise about, so let’s make that fantasy a reality.” 

For fans of Kiki, this means the end of a long wait to revel in their wildest fantasies, with the doll available for sale from the moment it is unveiled at the expo.

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