Kiki Vidis Sex Doll

Kiki Vidis Sex Doll Vodaire

Australian Porn star Kiki Vidis has opened up about working in the adult film industry and claims her family support her unusual career choice.

Australian born Vidis, 30, first started out as a topless waitress to supplement her salary as a nurse.

She now splits her time between Miami USA and Brisbane, Australia after a successful decade long career.

This career has seen Vidis previously nominated for an AVN award – the adult version of the Academy Awards – and had her own Playboy reality TV series.

Kiki Vidis now has her very own sex doll replica

Kiki Vidis has since become the first Australian porn actress to have her very own replica sex doll. Created by Vodaire, the doll comes as a lifelike representation of Kiki Vidis. “Even the pussy feels like mine”, Vidis.

Vodaire makes Kiki Vidis Sex Doll

Vodaire hopes that this is the first to come of many porn star replica dolls they will sell.

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