Looking for a Kendall Woods sex doll? This is the next best thing…

Kendall Woods sex doll

Finding the perfect sex doll has never been easier, thanks to the team at Vodaire.com. But sometimes that perfect woman is sometimes a little out of reach. Never fear, Vodaire makes replica dolls of any porn star or celebrity that you can think of. Just hit us up in the chat and we can make your fantasy a reality in no time!

After watching thousands of porn clips, we began fantasizing ourselves, about the number of petite beauties in porn who would make the perfect sex doll companion. Here is our definitive list of beautiful porn stars who would make the perfect Vodaire sex doll.

Kendall Woods sex doll

Kendall Woods would make the perfect sex doll. – via AT Kingdom

This beauty stands at 4 foot 11, weighing around 90 pounds. Born in NYC, Kendall got into the adult industry after visiting Miami.

Kendall Woods loves being thrown around and enjoys rough sex. She has been on her own since she was still in her teens. Formerly homeless and bunking with friends, Woods says, “I was looking for a job but the idea of being stuck in a 9-to-5 killed me. So when someone offered my friend a job in porn, and she didn’t want to. But I love sex and I know I’m really good at it, so I took the opportunity.”

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pic from Mofos.com

The next best thing to fucking Kendall Woods – the Vodaire MacKenzie sex doll

The Kendall sex doll may not be a reality yet, but you can find the next best thing right here at Vodaire.com.

All of our dolls can be customized to have ebony or mocha skin tones, so just hit us up in the chat to see how we can make your dream girl.

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