The lazy way to clean your sex doll

cleaning your sex doll

The lazy man’s cleanup after sex by Dolly Dearest Blog

One of the annoying things about having a sex doll, is that she will not clean herself off after sex. So you have to clean her yourself.

For the first year that I had my dolls, I used to flush out the used orifice with a water bottle. Then use rolled up paper towels to soak up all the water residues afterwards.

This becomes sort of a drag after a while. It made it so that whenever I was in the mood for sex, I thought to myself “Do I really want to go through the cleanup process afterwards?”, if I was too tired then I would simply not have sex.

This pretty much defeats the purpose of owning a sex doll, since you buy the doll so that you can have unconditional sex whenever you want to. At least that was the reason why I bought a sex doll in the first place. Now it has developed into so much more, but I still want sex whenever I’m in the mood.

So what I did was, I stopped flushing out the fluids afterwards. I started to only use the paper towels to soak up all the fluids instead. It does make the cleaning process faster and easier. I have done this for nearly a year now and it has worked well for me. I’m going to walk you through the steps.

When you’re done having vaginal or anal sex, in this case anal sex – you place your doll on her back, spread her legs for easy access. Get those kitchen paper towels, the big ones.

tear two sheets of paper

Tear off two sheets of paper.

Now roll up the paper into a long “sausage”. It should look like this:

roll the paper into a sausage

Now you stick that thing into the used orifice, it will instantly soak up a lot of fluids.

cleaning your sex doll with paper towel

Make sure you reach all the way in. You should feel the “back wall” of the orifice. 

WARNING: Inside the vagina, there is a small TPE ball blocking a hole at the “back wall”. Be careful when you shove the paper towels into her vagina, since you do NOT want that TPE ball to come loose. The anal cavity does not have a TPE ball inside.

When you have paper towels inside her vagina, you can press down gently on her stomach area, to make the paper soak in fluids more efficiently. When you have paper towels inside her anal cavity, like in the picture above, you can reach in under her body to gently press on her lower back to get the same result. The first “sausage” will soak up most of the fluids.

Take it out and make another one and stick it in. Repeat this process as many times as you feel is needed. For me it usually takes 3-4 sausages. When you take one out, you can touch the tip of it. If it feels dry, you stick your finger inside the cavity to make sure that it’s dry. If that feels dry as well, you can either stick in one more sausage or leave the cavity empty.

No matter what you choose – let your doll lie on her back with her legs spread for the next couple of hours. This way the cavity will air dry any wet residues.

Never ever leave a doll with closed legs right after sex, because if there are any moist leftovers, mould could start to grow. So always make sure she is dry. If you don’t want her to lie with her legs spread like that for several hours, you can of course place a fan in front of her and speed up the air drying process.

This is the lazy way to clean up after sex. This is the method I use all the time nowadays. I shower my dolls about once per month, when I do, I clean out their orifices thoroughly with soap and water. When you clean out her vaginal orifice, always be careful so that the TPE ball does not come off.

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