How a love doll can keep you company during the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus love doll iso love doll

Sitting at home is easy to do when you know you can leave anytime you want. But when you HAVE to stay at home, it becomes difficult to find things to do and even harder to find ways to keep yourself moving. What many forget to mention, is how lonely it can be when you are by yourself.

With only a screen to communicate with others, the feel of somebody’s touch, their scent, their weight on top of you can be forgotten and sorely missed quickly when you are isolating.

This is why Vodaire has discounted the entire range to help people rediscover the human touch and to continue making love even when all of our doors are closed.

Build a dream girl or have your real girl re-created

If you would like your perfect woman, we can customize and create her from photos and descriptions (just hit us up in the chat). If you prefer her to look like your girlfriend or ex-gf, just hit us up in the chat to see how we can help!

Prefer a girl who looks like this or one that looks like your ex?

All ok during COVID

During Coronavirus, we are operating as per usual, all deliveries still come straight to your door. Contact us in chat if you have any questions or queries on how it all works.

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