Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to receive my sex doll?

It generally takes around 4-5 working days to manufacture the sex doll and an additional 6-7 working days for shipping. Please ask our friendly team to confirm delivery dates before making an order, as we are constantly monitoring turnaround times for each sex doll.

Will I need to pay any extra import taxes on a sex doll?

The short answer is NO! We pre-pay the taxes whenever possible, but some shipping companies do not offer this service. If by chance you are asked to pay additional import taxes, please contact us immediately and we will take full responsibility and pay this on your behalf.

I've found the same doll cheaper online, can you price match?

If you find the sex doll on a reputable website then yes, we will do our best to price match. There are many knock-off sex dolls online, but if you can send us a link to the website, we can certainly check to see if the website is genuine and quote accordingly.

How to buy a custom sex doll?

If you wish to buy a custom sex doll, there are two options: alter a pre-designed sex doll or customise your own completely. If you choose to buy a pre-designed sex doll, you can simply scroll down the page until you see a range of variables to choose from. This option is best if you like one of our sex dolls but would like to make some minor changes.

If you want to buy a completely custom sex doll, please email us at [email protected] and we will assist you in creating the custom sex doll of your dreams!

What materials are your sex dolls made of?

We offer high quality TPE dolls. Our dolls are all waterproof and also have a flexible and fully articulated posable skeleton that will allow you to put them in any position you desire!

Is Vodaire shipping really free?

Absolutely, yes! The price of the sex dolls includes shipping so there are no extra costs!

Do you ship all over the world or only Australia?

We are based in Australia but will ship to most countries. However, there are some shipping restrictions in certain countries, and if you are unsure if we can ship to your location, we recommend contacting us before making a purchase.

How can I pay for a sex doll?

Vodaire uses PayPal for payments as we find it to be the safest option for online payments for BOTH parties. Please note you DO NOT need a PayPal account to use PayPal, you can also pay with a credit card.

If you would like to arrange another payment method, please email as at [email protected] and we’ll assist you however we can.

How do I know you are a legitimate sex doll website?

Are you concerned about sex doll scammers? We understand that buying a sex doll involves quite a large transaction, and you may have concerns about the quality of the dolls. It is important to note that there are many sex dolls scammers selling poor quality dolls online or who will not send you what you ordered.

The majority of Vodaire sex dolls are made by 6YE, a very reputable brand who only allow a handful of resellers to sell their sex dolls. As it stands, we are the only reseller of 6YE sex dolls in Australia and are listed on their suppliers page.

If you have any concerns whatsoever, please contact us!

Will anyone know that I am purchasing a sex doll?

Absolutely not! We respect the privacy of our customers and deliver all Vodaire sex dolls in discreet packaging.

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns on items that have been used. Please refer to our full Returns / Exchange Policy Here.

Is there any warranty?

Due to the nature of this product, it is not possible for Vodaire to provide an exchange or refund due to multiple concerns such as hygiene. Please understand this is the normal practice within the sex dolls industry.

If your sex doll or any part of your product is damaged during shipping, please send photos to [email protected] and we will assess the issue to provide the best solution (a replacement for that product or part damaged, a fixing solution or discount – this depends on the nature of the incident).

If the problem was caused by us or our manufacturers, we will take full responsibility.