The benefits of sex dolls in brothels

Whilst it may seem a little strange for some, sex with dolls might actually be beneficial to the sex industry. Well not so much for the workers; like any job, prostitutes being replaced by realistic sex dolls is not great for their bottom line. However, in countries where illegal prostitution and sex trafficking is a serious problem, sex dolls aren’t a solution, but they might be a step in the right direction.   So why the sudden popularity? Firstly, sex dolls allow for more variety in the women on offer. Rather than the women having to try and physically alter their appearance to fit the preferences of their patrons, men with specific sexual tastes can opt for a realistic sex doll that can be built to custom specifications.   Secondly, sex dolls do have an added upfront cost, but they quickly earn their keep as they can work around the clock without growing tired, getting sick or needing time off. This gives you a little more bang for your buck as you’ll get the use of three holes without any complaints, and at no extra charge.   For patrons, it’s not just the lack of complaints that keeps patrons rebooking – many men feel more free to explore their sexual fantasies with dolls over escorts. Whilst your wife, girlfriend or paid escort might have their limitations, a sex doll will do everything you want, in any position you want, for as long as you have paid for.  

Take the experience back to the bedroom

If you don’t want to have to continue going to a sex doll brothel, or don’t have the option near you, why not purchase your very own sex doll? Vodaire sex dolls offer the ability to customise your sex doll down to the shape of her pubic hair and colour of her toenail polish. Build your dream girl with a custom sex doll, whether it’s to try out a new sexual fantasy, spice things up in the bedroom or just for some good old company.  Vodaire offers discreet deliveries worldwide as your privacy is our priority. For more information on our sex dolls, VR sex toys or accessories please get in touch via [email protected]

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